Everton FC launch kit consultation for 2018/19 Umbro Kits

Everton Football Club are inviting supporters to give a hand in the design of the club’s kits for the 2018/19 season.

Everton’s current home and away kits, tailored by Umbro

The invitation is open to all supporters that are members of the club, and supporters with a customer number will be emailed a questionnaire consisting of 26 questions which would help the club understand what fans would want to feature on the club’s kits for the 2018/19 season, focusing on colours for the away and third kits, trim, collar style and any logos or symbol. In addition, the survey also asks fans to provide feedback on Everton kits from the past 15 years as the club seeks to identify the best possible design to create for the 2018/19 season.

Scott McLeod, Head of Engagement at Everton said: “The choice of playing kits ahead of a new season is always a key decision. The design process for all three kits gets underway at least 18 months ahead of the kit’s release and we felt it was important that fans have the chance to be involved from the outset. This survey is the first part of a long-term collaboration aimed at ensuring fans remain at the heart of the process. The results will give the design team at Umbro the opportunity to use the preferences of supporters as part of their kit development – and to get a clear idea on which kits and designs from the past still resonate with Blues.

“Engaging the fans in the process will help to produce kits that fuse the past, present and future of the Club together. Our fans are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, and so giving them the opportunity to inject that passion and knowledge into the kit design process from the very outset is something we are incredibly pleased to be able to do.

Fans asked to design and vote for 2016/17 motif

Everton had already asked fans to provide their input on the design of the 2017/18 kits last October when they were asked to design and vote for the unique motif which would be featured on the neckline of next season’s kits.

“Earlier this season we gave Evertonians the chance to design and vote for the unique motif that will adorn the neckline of the forthcoming 2017/18 kits. That proved hugely popular with fans and so giving them the chance to get involved in the 2018/19 kit process at the very first stage is something we are delighted to be able to do”, added Scott McLeod.

Source: Club Official Website