OOPS! Italian graphic designer’s concept designs sent to production by counterfeits?

In an era where news is reported very fast using the internet and people seem to be more susceptible to “fake news”, news portals seem not to have the luxury of time to check sources before posting content as factual. In the same way, trying to hit the market early, some manufacturers seem to have jumped the gun to getting a fake counterfeit product to the market in the hope that they will be among the first to sell the new Tottenham home kit.

In the past couple of days, some pictures have been doing the rounds on the web showing what appear to be Tottenham Hotspur’s new Nike kits for 2017/18. Despite the news not being yet official, Tottenham and Nike have struck a multi-year partnership as revealed by ESPN.

Made in Italy: Graphic Designer’s Amazing Work Mistaken for Nike Designs

The kits have been manufactured based on original designs made by graphic designer Alberto Mariani, as Tottenham Hotspur’s Nike concept kits. Despite looking amazing, these kits will NOT be Spurs’ new kits for the upcoming season! The designs made by the Italian graphic designer seem to have been mistaken for Nike’s designs and ended up being produced as counterfeits.

OOPS! Alberto’s concept designs sent to production!


The original designs

What’s next?

If we’d have money to spare, we’d probably place our bets on Alberto’s Atletico Madrid kit concept design to go into production next! It’s already hit a couple of news portals and fan sites, being erroneously reported as Atletico Madrid’s possible kit for the upcoming season… Similar to his Spurs design, they do look fantastic! But unless Nike offer him a job, it would  be quite impossible to see his designs being adopted as the new home kit for Atleti.

Atletico Madrid’s kits next in the production line? Good luck Alberto!