Manchester United Managing Director: “Three-Kit Cycle”

The Managing Director of Manchester United, Richard Arnold, has confirmed that Manchester United will continue issuing three kits per season: home, away and third. No kits will be retained from one season to the next, as has been the case for the past three years. The reason behind this move is that in the experience of the club and that of Adidas, the supporters are seeking newness every season in the area of football kits.

The club had previously adopted the strategy of having the home kit and away kit changing every season while the away kit shifted to a third kit. Since Adidas signed a record-breaking £750 million 10-year deal with the club, Manchester United are now issuing a set of three new kits every season, with an authentic replica player-version kit being priced at £89.95. Supporters who want to buy their favourite team’s new kits therefore need to dish out £270 every season.

After the big-name signings of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba last summer, Manchester United recorded a 40% increase in football kits sold. Both Zlatan and Pogba, as well as number one goalkeeper David De Gea, rank in the list of top 10 players with most shirt sales. In 2016, Manchester United sold more than 2,850,000 football kits, with Pogba dominating shirt printing sales.