Potential Manchester United 2017/18 Home & Away Shirt Designs

With half the 2016-17 season behind us, we start getting more information and designs about the upcoming 2017/18 kits. We analyse the designs produced by @francooC07 from Lacasaca.com who attempts to predict the kits for the upcoming season! We reiterate that these are only predictions so they might not be the actual shirts, however they are very indicative of what to expect in terms of designs.

Manchester United Home 2017-18

Man Utd 2017-18 Adidas Home

The 2017/18 Manchester United home kit will certainly feature a traditionally red base colour. The design above is not official but given that it is based on information obtained by the designer, we believe it will be very close to the actual kit to be used during the upcoming season. The design of the body incorporates three shades of red on the body and one shade on the sleeves. The collar is a red V-neck and the Adidas trademark stripes return to the shoulders, as they appeared on the sides of the body for the 2016-17 home shirt. The sleeve cuffs features a white stripe in between two black stripes.

Manchester United Away 2017-18

Man Utd 2017-18 Adidas Away

The 2017-18 Manchester United away kit design features a very smart design, which will surely be extremely popular should it turn out to be factual. The body of the shirt is beautifully designed and is very similar to the design on the chest of the 2015-16 third shirt. The shirt also features a V-neck collar, this time in black, and the Adidas stripes on the sides of the body are white.